Thursday, April 17, 2014

Fuzzy Bunny Nails

If you missed my review yesterday of Nutra Nail Raspberry gel polish, that is my base for today's Easter mani! I ended up having only four nails that held up and looked good by the end of Day 2 of wearing Raspberry, so I wanted to add some art on top.

I got some white flocking powder (currently $2.59 at Born Pretty Store where I bought mine) because I thought it would make the cutest little furry bunnies! ^.^

So I added the carrots with Zoya Arizona, China Glaze Peachy Keen, Zoya Josie, and Mitzi, plus the bunnies' inner ears with China Glaze Something Sweet. My bunnies were done in white acrylic paint. 

Once that was all topcoated and dry, I went back over the bunnies with clear polish and added the flocking powder.

These did turn out ridiculously cute and I loved them, but I learned that white flocking powder, being white, will only last a couple of hours before looking disgusting! Too bad, because these were fun!

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