Thursday, April 24, 2014

Complementary Sunshine Skittles: Untriedicure #9

I wanted to use purple and yellow together in a mani, because I love complementary color combos. 

So I pulled out some untrieds from Heather: butter LONDON Bramble (purple), Rimmel London Sunny Days (yellow), and W'n'W Quartz of Course (purple glitter), and used them, along with OPI When Monkeys Fly, and chevon Nail Vinyls, to create a sparkly sunshine design... Thing.

I actually just recently bought When Monkeys Fly, and was pretty terrified because I heard about the "taco glitters" and all that controversy, then I heard it was reformulated and the glitters were fixed. So basically, especially since it was on clearance, I was just really hoping I had gotten a reformulated bottle. I've never even loved this polish or anything, but it was $4. How could anyone turn down a $4 OPI? Exactly. Nobody. The polish hoarder in me had to take the taco glitter risk.

Luckily I had no issues with curling glitters. It's not very dense with glitter, but it isn't the worst thing I've used.

So in the end, I didn't absolutely love this mani. My pinky is probably my favorite nail of the whole manicure, it definitely looked better in my head. There's always next time though! :)

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