Thursday, November 7, 2013

KKCenterHk Review - Plastic Scraper and Stamper + Pond Mani Technique

The mani I showed you yesterday used a stamping plate from KKCenterHk. I also used a stamper and plastic scraper from them in that mani, and in this one.

This design is known as the "pond mani". You basically layer an image with a jelly polish. So I put down my base color, stamped the heart once, then applied a coat of a jelly, stamped the image again in another spot, more jelly, and so on. This way the first image (they can also be done freehand) is under more layers of jelly polish and going up from the bottom layer, they range from dark to light. Make sense? 

For this mani, I used NOPI Khloe Had a Little Lam-Lam as my initial base, then Zoya Frida for my jelly layers.

Some of the images didn't pick up wholly but that's just because I used SE02 from Salon Express, one of those cheapy plates that never work. Otherwise, the stamper was great. Nice and compact so it doesn't take up a ton of room. It picked up the images really well. My only complaint is that the rubber part is red, so if I were stamping with a similarly colored polish, it would be difficult to see on the stamper. I personally just prefer a clearer rubber bit.

When it comes to the scraper, I used to use a metal one, but decided I didn't want to scratch up my plates and switched to using an old gift card. The issue with those, though, are the little bits of plastic that stick out on the edges where it was perforated. If you don't pay attention and avoid scraping with that area, it can scrape off too much polish. So I have always wanted an actual plastic scraper to try out!

This one from KKCenterHk is item #JR1140. It is $4.05 USD for the stamper and scraper set.

Since this scraper doesn't have holes along where the scraping part and handle meet like metal scrapers usually do, it is a lot easier to keep completely clean! It has just the right amount of flexibility for proper and scraping, and stands up perfectly to be cleaned with acetone! This will probably be my go-to scraper from now on. I love it!

If you order from KKCenterHk, use my coupon code nailslikelaceevent15off at checkout and you'll get 15% off your order!

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