Saturday, November 23, 2013

Born Pretty Store Review: Holo Polish #4

I can't let summer die without pulling the holos back out for one last romp in the sun! Today I have a holo from Born Pretty Store to share with you! I paired this one with a no-name Bellatrix nude polish, and I love these together!

Back in August, I reviewed another holo polish from Born Pretty Store. You can see that post here. Here's a recap of the price breakdown I did in that post of a BPS holo polish compared to a Color Club Halo Hue: I paid $7.5 USD for each of my Halo Hues. At 15ml, that's .50 cents per ml. Even at the $10 retail price, that's only .67 cents per ml. The BPS holo polishes, at their highest previous discounted price of $5.59 reduced to .91 cents per ml. At their $12.88 price, they're $2.15 per ml. That's pretty outrageous, I think.

The prices on these polishes keep fluctuating too. At one point some of them were just under $5 each. Last week they were selling them for the full $12.88. But currently, some are $5.99 and some are $6.99. This one, #4, is $5.99 USD as we speak. I don't know if the price will be changing again or not though.

The $6-7 price range is a little steep for the size, but I like them enough that I bought one and plan on continuing to purchase them because I like them so much. But if they go back up to and stay at nearly $13, I doubt I'll be purchasing anymore.

I love the color of the one I got, but if you look through the customer images section for this polish on their site, they almost all seem to be a completely different color than what I got. On the site, it looks like a hot Barbie pink, whereas mine is a little more corally and toned down. Here's a screen cap of some of the customer images on the site:

See what I mean?

I suppose it could just be different cameras and different lighting, or they could have altered the formula and color. I'm not sure. Regardless, like I said, I love the color I got! I don't have any other holo like it and it is really pretty! I thought maybe I had received the wrong color even though it has the #4 sticker on the bottom, but the other two pinks are also very different than this. But I'm okay with it, I like it.

I have three of Born Pretty Store's holo polishes and on the plus side, they do all dry very quickly. The holo effect is pretty strong in them. Maybe not quite as strong as the Halo Hues, for example, but it is very prominent (albeit difficult to capture on camera)! I've noticed they do seem to be a bit sheer at first, but are build-able in three coats, which is what you see here, with a coat of Seche Vite on top (which in no way diminishes the holo effect either)! The polish lasted well and didn't start chipping until about four days of wear, when I did start to see some tip wear (but keep in mind that I am really hard on my hands, I do a lot with them all day long and I usually can't go more than four days without tip wear no matter what polish it is). The formula is nice and smooth. It isn't too thick or too runny.

So overall, would I recommend these? For $6-7, yes. If you want a nice holo that you'll be happy with, that dries fast, looks pretty, and has a nice holo effect, I think you'd enjoy the BPS ones. I definitely recommend getting them now if you want them just in case the price skyrockets again! If you're looking for a huge bottle of holo that is going to last you a long time, or one that you can pay just a few pennies for, this one isn't it. The bottles are very small. They're about the size of an average mini. As a polish addict with more bottles than I'll ever know what to do with, I am okay with that. I very rarely finish a full bottle of polish, so a mini is a nice size for me. I'll never use even it all up, I'm sure!

Check them out, and if you do pick anything up, you can use my coupon code ANL91 at checkout and you'll get 10% off your entire Born Pretty order (plus they always offer worldwide free shipping)!

This product was sent to me for my honest review from All opinions are my own.
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