Wednesday, November 20, 2013

China Glaze Mimosa's Before Mani's + Formula X for Sephora Bombshell

Yesterday I showed you China Glaze Mimosa's Before Mani's for my Twinsie Tuesday post. I had to gussy it up and added a coat of Formula X for Sephora's Bombshell. Since the colored glitter is similar to the ChG, I thought they'd look good together!

I do really like how these look together! I wasn't sure at first, but the more I look at this mani, the more I like that the peachy colors are only slightly different. It's much subtler than if I'd put Bombshell over a crazy contrasting color.

At first I wasn't going to get any of the Formula X polishes, but I really like the look of the three black plus colored glitter ones. I haven't seen anything like them before and they're really pretty! Normally I only see black and white glitters in a colored base rather than actual colored glitters mixed with black ones. 

I did have to splurge on this and the other two, as it kills me to pay $12.50 for a single bottle, but I'm glad I did. This is just one coat of glitter. The payoff is great and they are awesome!
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