Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Kiss Nail Strips

I've tried the Sally Hansen nails strips, and some awful ones from eBay, but I've always wanted to try some other brands.

My hubby brought me home some from Kiss, so I had to test them!

In comparison with the Sally Hansen ones, they aren't as stretchy, so I wasn't able to get some of the folds and bumps out. They don't fit the nail edge as nicely either. They seem to be a little thicker than Sally Hansen's because it took more effort to stretch them and to file the leftover bits off.

Due to the bumpiness of them, I only wore them for about an hour until I had to apply a topcoat over them. The folds would catch on things and drove me crazy. For that reason, they didn't get a fair wear time comparison.

The topcoat didn't ruin them and make them lift as bad as it did with the cheapies from eBay, but it didn't help, either. It did try to shrink them and cause them to wrinkle up even more, though.

Basically, these could have been tolerable, but I just didn't like them. The pattern is adorable and I love it, there were just too many imperfections than I could handle, and they started to lift at the cuticles almost immediately.

My opinion? Splurge on the Sally Hansen ones! They are a bit pricey, but worth it! They are the best I've found!
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