Saturday, February 16, 2013

Born Pretty Store Acrylic Brush Set Review

At Born Pretty Storethese brushes are $7.00 and definitely worth it!

I love that they are basically their own little storage pod! So handy! 

It makes for absolutely wonderful storage and brush protection!

Here's the ridiculous mani I made with them:

I used the two smaller brushes for all the little 3D hearts, flowers, and bows. 

I had attempted a complete overlay with the two larger brushes, but it turned into a hot mess, so I didn't even bother getting pictures of it. 

I just need more practice doing full acrylics. Plus I was using the regular, colored powders, and not the pink or clear overage acrylic, so that could have been part of my problem.

It wasn't because of the brushes. They are actually really great! They are nice and soft and hold just the right about of acrylic liquid. 

The brush holds the ball of acrylic very well until you place it on the nail. It doesn't capture the acrylic and try to hold onto it. It releases the ball onto the nail wonderfully, yet doesn't drop it until you're ready. 

Plus, the brushes retain just enough liquid to continue working with ball of acrylic without having to re-dip your brush after placing the ball down.

Anyway, if you're looking for a nice set of acrylic brushes, I highly recommend these! They work great! :)

The fine point makes for nice detailing, and carving. The belly of the brush is just stiff enough to work with, but still soft enough to not leave bristle marks in the acrylic.

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As always, my coupon code is ANL91. If you use it at the checkout, you'll receive 10% off your order.

This product was provided to me from Born Pretty Store for review. All opinions are both entirely true and completely my own.
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