Sunday, February 17, 2013

Color Club - Red-ical Gypsy

What is the deal?! What happened to me despising red nail polish!?

I suppose for that reason, I rarely buy any and figured I could add a few good ones to the collection?

I need them just in case? I need them for holiday manis? Santa can't go without a red suit in December? Red screams Valentine's Day?

Yea, okay, but I don't wear plain red, so why have I gone from 2 to 20 in less than a year?! Yeesh...

Well whatever the reason, this gorgeous, bloody beauty is just that: gorgeous, bloody, and beautiful! Plus I snagged this baby for a whole $0.75, so I couldn't pass it up anyway!

I know a lot of the problem I have with reds is when they look too tomatoey and orange. The darker ones with blue undertones, or the bright candy apple ones seem to be alright, though.

I don't really like to apply more than 2 coats if I can avoid it, and this one took 3; but this red sort of has a BBQ sauce look to it, and if you only knew how much BBQ sauce I go through in a month, you'd understand why it is more than fitting that this polish be a part of my collection! ^.^
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