Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sally Girl - Banana

So I picked this polish up off the clearance rack. I figured it's yellow, it's ugly, but it's a whole .69 cents, so why not.

Then I looked at the receipt and saw it had a name. Odd, I've never seen a Sally Girl mini polish with a name on it.

So then I peeled off the huge clearance sticker that took up most of the bottle, and saw that it had a little tab on it with its name "Banana".

First of all, is Sally Beauty now naming their teeny polishes? Because that would be great. I hate brands that don't name their polishes!

Well anyway, then I decided I'd throw a coat on my nails just for the fun of it, and oh em gee this stuff smells AMAZING!! Maybe it's just me and I'm immune to polish smells, but it didn't smell at all like polish. Just pure, yummy banana, straight from the bottle! It smells exactly like banana flavored Laffy Taffy! And the color actually isn't too bad for a yellow! I had no clue it was even scented, but oh was I ever so  pleasantly surprised!!

In fact, I think I could safely say that if I was allowed to only wear one polish for the rest of my life, it would be this one! Solely because of how spectacular it smells!! Unfortunately, it was the only one on the clearance rack. Otherwise, I would have definitely been making a trip back out there too hoard however many they had left!! Seriously. The day I run out of this polish is going to be like the day my dad realized he was getting a huge bald spot on the back of his head (he's always prided himself on being the only one among him and his 4 brothers with a full head of hair past the age of 40)... I will cry myself to sleep that night. Yea. It's that wonderful.

I'm liking the look of subtle stamps that require closeup attention to really seem them, lately, too, and plan on trying some out in different colors! That is if I could ever catch up on blog posts enough to make room for more! ^.^ There are so many techniques and looks that I still want to try and haven't yet!

That's all for today. The next time you're at Sally's, if you spot this itty bitty jewel on their shelves, be sure to pick one up! For a whole dollar, you won't be disappointed (unless you hate the smell of artifical banana, of course)!
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