Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Quince de Creatividad - Stamping Plate Solution

I haven't done one of these posts in a while. If you follow me on Instagram, though, then you may already be aware of my genius that is the ultimate solution for stamping plates! If not, allow me to explain...

For one, I hate how my plates always slide around in my album, and when I am trying to use them. Two, if you have a husband like mine, every time he picks up the stamping plate book, or even thinks about it, for that matter, it is upside down and they're all on the floor. I know I hate rearranging and putting almost 100 plates back into their sleeves!

Ergo, I came up with a brilliant solution!!

I bought a cheap, plain roll of that drawer liner rubber/plasticy anti-slip material for a whole $1 and it was enough for all of my plates, with some left over.

Initially, my idea was to cut squares of it and place that behind each plate in the album sleeves to help keep them in the book; however, I plan on switching them over to different sleeves, so I figured, although it is definitely much more work, this would be way more convinient.

This is very easy to do, but for me, it was definitely a multiple-day project! Especially cutting out all of the circles! I probably spent about 4 days at 1-3 hours each day, altogether, on this. It is well worth it, though!

I was afraid of how well this would hold up because, if you're like me and scrap the polish off the plate towards the edge, then acetone could eat the glue and ruin all that work when you clean the plate. I have been scraping towards the center of the plate, instead, to avoid that, but still, I haven't had any problems at all so far!

One tip I have if you decide this is a project you'd like to take on, after tracing the plate onto the rubber material, cut them out inside of the line you drew, otherwise the circles are going to be just a tad too big. Otherwise, it is pretty self-explanatory: trace your plate, cut out the circle of rubber material, and glue it onto the plate! I also placed mine under a book to dry, just to ensure good adhesion.

If you do decide to try this out, let me know! I'd love to hear your thoughts on it! ^.^
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