Monday, August 20, 2012

Avon - Fuchsia Fun

This one was just a little bit of a disappointment. Fuchsia Fun is showing more hot pink (in the first picture, the second is better) than it really is. It is calmer, and there is slightly more of purple tone to it. Plus, there is a teeny bit of a purple/pink shimmer that shows just fine in the bottle, but hardly at all on the nail; however, it only took 2 coats for opacity. The first coat was streaky and splotchy, but, being a jelly, was really easy to control, although it was a little on the thicker side. It isn't really noticable in the pictures, but it did bubble some, and there is just an inkling of VNL. It is still a beautiful color that dried nice and smooth with plenty of its own sleek shine, but I think it would work better as a topper for something else.

Indirect sun


I'm thinking Avon needs a new nail polish namer, because I wouldn't really call this fuchsia, but more of almost a bubblegum pink with a violet glow. 

For $3, though, I can't complain too much! Especially when I'm not even the one who spent the $3 on it! ^.^ Really, my biggest complaint would be that it bubbled a bit. Otherwise, I'm happy with it! :)
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