Sunday, February 26, 2012

Faux Fail

It's true; you get what you pay for. This is a great example:

I got these stickers, or faux Salon Effects or whatever you want to call them off of eBay for about $1. They were really pretty and I loved them, so I figured I wouldn't be out much if they sucked!

First of all, they wouldn't hardly stretch to accommodate my nail. Secondly, they tore really easily. Then when I put topcoat on them, they completely shriveled up and looked terrible!!

My aim was to give my nails a break for about a week with these... Instead they got about a 10 minute break! -.-

Oh well. I saved the other 5 to maybe use another time in a short-term mani and without topcoat. However, I will definitely not be ever buying them again!! They are really disappointing, especially since I loved the pattern so much! =(

I guess I will just stick to Sally Hansen if I feel the need to wear something like these again. My first experience with them during Halloween last year was exceptional! The price just makes me cringe a little. =P

Have you tried the Salon Effects or any other generic ones? What did you think of them?

Buenos días. =)
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