Saturday, February 11, 2012

Grossly Gorgeous

Baby poop green has been far too long absent from my collection... but that's NO MORE!! ^.^

I took advantage of Zoya's promotion (for 2 free bottles of your choice and you'd just pay shipping) in January and they finally arrived! I got the FedEx tracking/delivery email and immediately went out and circled my house to see which door they left it at! I have 4 exterior doors and for some reason they constantly feel the need to leave packages at the back... That is when they can even find my house, because apparently we don't exist on the UPS/FedEx address radar!! Seriously... Bare with me, I have a tangent...
So I ordered some $60 package one day. I think it was a bunch of vitamins for like a year or something, idk. Anyway. Our neighbor on the next block has the same address number as us, but they are on a different street. However, they are on the main highway and even if I leave notes and tell UPS or FedEx to NOT go to that one, they constantly do anyway! UPS is worse. So I got the email that my stuff had been delivered, but it was nowhere to be found. When I called the company and went through everything, they said they would have to file a suit and all this stuff. Later that day I had a voice mail on my phone from the UPS guy who had delivered the package going on and bitching me out about how he had been delivering to this town (it's tiny, like 200 people if that) for 30+ years and that my address didn't exist. O.O WTF am I, Casper?! He was a complete ass about it! So much so that I strongly debated turning him in for it. Well anyway, a few days later, here comes the neighbor with my box that'd been left at his door!
A week after that, my in-laws had ordered something online and, regardless of the fact that we have the same name, their package came to my backdoor instead of to their house. Ridiculous.
Soon after, my husband went and got a huge board and spray painted our address on it in neon orange and nailed it to the tree at the end of the driveway!  =P
I have since refused to use UPS. If I have an option when I order something, I always go with USPS or FedEx, because for one, I don't want to deal with the moron that apparently delivers stuff here.
So that's my tangent...
After about an hour on the Zoya website, I finally settled on Savita and Dree. I absolutely had to immediately remove my mani and try out Dree!

Savita looked way more indigo on the site and in swatch pictures, so it was slightly disappointing, but it's a matte suede, so I think I can forgive and forget! =) Regardless, just under $7 for two Zoya polishes... Yes, please! I can't complain!

On with the show! Here, in all it's glory, the so-gross-it's beautiful, Dree:



According to Zoya, "Dree can be best described as: A light, dusty drab olive green with yellow tones and a touch of grey. Brings the look of camouflage to your nails for a subtle green look". They claim that it is a 5 on the 1-5 opaque/sheer scale. With their description, I can agree. Although I prefer to call it baby poop green. =) Plus, I would have to say that their opacity rating is a tad off. For me, it took a single thick coat for opacity and that bubbled, but two thinner coats without bubbling. So I would say it's a 4 rather than a 5.

So I later decided, since I never can leave well enough alone, to add something to this to oomph it up. So I stamped with black and added a tip in Sally Hansen's Thinking of Blue:

...Yea, I hated it too. So again, I tried something else. Dree with a coat of e.l.f.'s Golden Goddess:

It's better, but not the best it could be. I still love Dree, I just can't seem to find a way to add to it that looks amazing!

Do you have Dree or another favorite army green?

Buenos días. =)
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