Friday, February 10, 2012

What's Better Than Nail Mail?

Nothing!! Duh!! Ge'ez and you call yourself a polish addict? What were you thinking?! ;)

I recently placed an online order for a few new babies, and they showed up yesterday!! =D


From left to right, these are Pucci-Licious, Turn the Other Chic, Oh Naturale, Edie, and Age of Aquarius. The two greens look very similar not because of my camera, but because it appears that, in the bottle, Edie is actually just a shade darker than Age of Aquarius. When I Googled swatch pictures of each of these, they looked fairly different, though, and I was unable to decide which I liked more. So hopefully they'll be less similar on the nail. Also, the purple is a tad darker in life than the lamplight picture shows.

Being that these are my first brand new Color Club's (I bought one from Midnight Manicures' blog sale quite a while ago but have yet to try it out as a full mani), I can't wait to try them!

I also decided to pick up the Halloween set from China Glaze from last year because it was on sale for $10. I really only wanted It's Alive, but I have been wanting to try their Fast Forward top coat. Plus I am low on my Black Mesh crackle, and even though I won't use it often, it's nice to have when I do want it. And of course, who doesn't love glow-in-the-dark polish?! I've only tried the cheapies, so Ghoulish Glow will be in wait until October.

All-in-all, I figured it was a pretty good deal, especially considering China Glazes retail for $7-8 ish a piece!

Last but not least, what I had actually intended to order, but couldn't help adding to it...


...The new China Glaze collection!!

The upper, raised area on the left, from front to back, left to right, is Dance Baby (pink), Sunshine Pop (yellow shimmer), Aquadelic, and Gaga for Green.

On the bottom deck on the right, the front row, from left to right, is Make Some Noise, Kinetic Candy (grey-blue), and Techno (glitter).

Row two is Wicked Style (pink), and Electric Beat (periwinkle).

The third row has Fuchsia Fanatic, and Gothic Lolita (violet shimmer).

Lastly, Sweet Hook (pastel purplink color).

I am pretty excited to try out all of these 21 new pretties!! =D

I am not usually one to buy an entire collection, but I liked all of these colors. They are all fairly unique to my stash, for the most part. Plus it came with the display if I got all 12, so why not?! =P

The only complaint I have is that Techno has an annoyingly strange, disgusting smell to it! But the glitters do lay nice and flat and they don't take much manipulation!

Do you have any from the Electropop collection? 

Buenos días. =)
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