Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sleepingest Little Fuzzies

You could say they look like teddy bears. Or mice. Or puppies. Whatev. The intention was bears, but they didn't really come out looking like bears. The one on my thumb looks exceptionally mousey. Either way, we'll just say that apparently my bear-painting technique needs some work.

These were also really difficult to photograph. I used China Glaze Fast Forward top coat and its level of shine, plus the sun didn't mix for good capturing. I was able to get better pics inside with my phone and still wasn't all that successful:

This was a primarily Orly mani. I hadn't tried anything from that brand yet, so when I went by Sally's the other day to check out the China Glaze Magnetix (which again I was told "We'll have them NEXT month"), I decided to expand said area of my polish hoard, as the whole Orly line was on sale for $5.

Anyway, the black is Sally Hansen's Black Heart and the white is Whirlwind White. The lighter of the browns is Orly's Coffee Break, the darker is Prince Charming, the blue is Blue Collar, and the pink is Alabaster Verve.

'Tis all for today. Have a lovely day and thanks for stopping by! =)
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