Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hot Wired

Day 2:

These were pretty easy to apply. It took me one messed up strip to get the hang of them. They are super delicate, which also says to me "very easily damageable even after on the nail" so I ended up adding a couple of coats of top coat just to be on the safe side.

Day 3:

These ended up lifting slightly at the cuticles very quickly. This may have been due to the top coat, but I am not sure.

Day 6:

By less than a week, I was itching for something new on my nails. I originally had picked up Sinful Colors' Call You Later, a light and dark green mixed glitter, when I got these, with the intention of using it to cover tip wear. However, I thought to myself: self, you have barbed wire on your nails, what would be more Halloweeny/creative than some green glitter? So, even though I didn't have any tip wear yet, I added some dripping blood. However, instead of painting on the drips, (I realized this would take a century to dry, but I wanted to do it anyway) I just put 1-3 big drops of polish at the tip of my nail and let it run down and make it's own path on the nail to make it more "natural". =P

After another few days, I still had no changes. These are supposed to last up to about 2 weeks. I think that you could make this happen, especially with top coat usage and even longer if you cover the tip wear. I was dying to change them after a week and a half, though.

Price-wise, I don't think I would pay the $10 for these again unless I was going on a 2 week+ vacation or something like that. It's not a terrible price, but the way I see it, I could buy 5-10 bottles of nail polish for the same price and have them last years. So looking at it that way, they just don't match up.

I did really like these, though. Again, for the price, I think there should have been enough strips for 2 full manicures. But I loved how they could stretch slightly for a better fit. 

These did surprise me when it came to removal because I figured once I got the polish off with acetone, they would peel off easily, but it didn't really work that way. For the most part, I had to remove them with acetone, but it wasn't hard. They were great for helping my nail staining, too. With not having polish on for that long, my nails were a bit less stained when they came off!

Has anyone else tried the Salon Effects? What do you think of them?

Thanks for stopping by and everyone have a Wired Weekend!! =)
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