Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Bleeding Ghosts

I had this idea for a Halloween design: to make ghosts and cover them with glow-in-the-dark polish. Apparently great minds think alike because I have now seen it done a few times, so I figured I'd throw mine in there too.

Cute, right? Take a closer look...

Those little red half pearls bled all over the place when I applied top coat!!

You see, I think I have a ghost in my house as well, because my itty bitty rhinestones came up missing. These ghosts were going to have lime green, sparkly eyes. But I had to settle for half pearls instead... and least now I know better for next time that they don't fare well with polish being put on top of them.

It had to have been about an hour that I tried to get good pictures in the dark, but my camera just wouldn't focus!

I love these nails, though! I have set a new record with them, as I have had them on for almost a full week now, with no urge to change them! =D

Thanks for stopping by and everyone have a  martes maravilloso!! =)
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