Saturday, October 1, 2011

Bubble Bath in Orange Soda

I did this look in July, which you can see here in my post Feeling Bubbly or Feeling Blue?

I really loved it when I did it before and have been wanting to do it again, so I used oranges and yellows this time, going for more of a look that had a theme, this time, of fall colors, but I think it's a little too bright to be fallish. =P

I even had to give my poor, broken little nubbin some love and paint it up pretty too. =D

This design is super simple. All it takes is a dotter of any sort. It is  little time consuming, though, depending on how many colors are used.

For this, I used about a dozen different colors, so it took me about 2 hours to finish, including drying time! I really love this lots-of-dots look, though!

When I did it in blue, I had absolutely no idea where the design was going. I just did a blue French and kept dotting away and accidentally came up with the design. =P

Do you think this design is fairly simple and self-explanatory or should I make a tutorial for it?

Thanks for stopping by and everyone have Spot-tacular Saturday!! =)

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