Monday, September 19, 2011

September Manis

Pastel Palm Trees

So I am still stuck on summer. I wanted to do a fall design, but ended up with a rainbow on my nails instead =P and I decided to mute it down and add palm trees. This time, instead of a black striping art polish, I used acrylic paint and a stiper brush and another small, short brush. I think they came out better this time, for the most part. :)

For the background of this design, starting at the top, I used:
China Glaze - Sun Worshiper (orange)
Sinful Colors - 24/7 (pink)
Sally Hansen - Lightning (yellow)
Zoya - Mitzi (green)
Sinful Colors - Gorgeous (teal with some craft glitter on top)
China Glaze - The Ten Man (muting silver glitter color)

Feather Nails

I am a big fan of the feathers (that are/were the popular summer) trend. I love the look of feathers on the nail, in-cased by a beautiful color and a shiny topcoat, so I had to try it out. Most that I have seen (when using natural-colored feathers, which is the look I prefer) use a Tiffany's blue type of color, but I wanted something a little more minty so I went with Sinful Colors in Mint Apple and got a package of craft feathers in tones of brown. I absolutely LOVE the way that this turned out!! I think one of my favorite parts is that, even after 3 layers of topcoat, the texture of the feather is still very visible. Of course, I was hoping that they would have kept their white areas, but even though they became transparent and show the green beneath, I still love this look! :)

I had no idea I had that hangnail on my middle finger until I started cropping these pictures. =P I took them at school in the parking lot, so I wanted to crop out any license plates.

I think my pinkie is my favorite when it comes to the outcome of the feather shape. It stayed together really well and actually LOOKS like a feather!

Left Thumb

Right Thumb

I love these nails so much that I couldn't stop taking pictures from all different angles!

I love these nails from the side, from the front, I love everything about them!! :)

Lastly, my overall favorite nail, my left middle finger because it shows the feather texture the best!
These nails make me feel very in-touch with my Indian (I don't have to be politically correct and say Native American, it's my heritageical [hush, it's a new word in my book] right) roots and every time I look at them, I start singing Tim McGraw's "Indian Outlaw" in my head!

What do you think of these nails? Or feather nails in general? Or for that matter, about the whole feather trend?

Feather Nails Tutorial

I LOVE getting requests/being given new challenges! =) So... Here is a tutorial I put together for feather nails:

Step 1: Measure the feather to either fit your nail perfectly or to hang over a bit and trim the feather.

Step 2: Apply a top coat and place the feather, being sure to press down all of the little fly-aways. (After base coat and color [the lighter the color, the better] have dried)

Step 3: In no particular order, apply 2-4 more coats of top coat on top of the feather and trim/file away the excess or sticky-out bits. When the first coat of top coat is tacky you can take the opportunity to press down any other fly-aways if needed.

Video Tutorial:

Thanks for stopping by. If you try out these nails, let me know, I would love to see your take on it!!

Half Moons in Kleancolor Reds

My first impression of the half moon look was a mixed one. It was a mix of "oh, a backwards French, kinda neat" and "wtf would you want to do that on purpose for!?". The look has been growing on me though.

Well, I decided to try it out, but wanted it to be very subtle so I went with a red and a red glitter. I used Kleancolor Neon Fuchsia for the base color. This color was decent, but it took a century and a half to dry. Plus, it's red... not fuchsia. Someone needs to purchase a labeled color wheel for Kleancolor's naming department. 

I used page hole protector stickers to do the half moons in Chunky Holo Poppy on every finger but my ring finger, which got a Holo Poppy French instead. This glitter has a very firey look to it, I kind of like it.

Thanks for stopping by! Anybody else love/hate the half moon look?


Although, like myself, I realize that a lot of people forget to check back for a reply when they comment, I promise that I do read every single one and I appreciate them all. I reply to them as often as I am able. Thank you for stopping by and leaving your comment! Have a spectacular day! :)

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