Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Twinsie Tuesday: Inspired by Your Favorite Movie - Bee Movie!

I wouldn't say that Bee Movie is necessarily my favorite movie. I put it in the other night for my daughter to watch for the first time, though, and she fell in love with it! She keeps requesting to watch it again! So I figured I'd do some Barry Benson, Honex's best-known honorary pollen jock, nails to go along with her new-found love.

For my white base on all the nails, I used Pro Nail Lacquer Lady in White. The orangey neon yellow is Virtuous Polish Chastity. I used Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow for the pollen dots behind Barry and the center of the daisies. Everything else is acrylic paint. And of course, for some authentic bee fuzz on the top of his head, I used black flocking powder for Barry's hair! I also used honeycomb nail vinyls from Polished Vino for my ring finger.

Then I accidentally discovered the Virtuous Polish I used glows under black light, so I had to have a little fun playing with that! ^.^

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