Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Dermelect: 'Me' Holiday Collection for Winter 2015 - Swatches

*Press Sample*

Just a mini swatchfest for today. I received Dermelect's 'Me' Holiday collection and will be showing off these dolls!

They came so beautifully packaged with a reflective background that I just had to share a quick shot of the box!

Thrill Me
First up is Thrill Me. I needed two coats for full opacity with this one. It has a semi-frost finish that somewhat melts into the polish once it is dry, so it is very palatable for me. The formula was fantastically smooth and it dried fast. Every time I look at this one, I like it more and more. The deep, muted, gunmetal green color is just really pretty! Kind of odd, kind of unique, it is for sure a fun one!

Kiss Me
Next is Kiss Me. It fits its name well - so rich and elegant, only ONE coat! It turned out a little darker than I expected, but it had a downright perfect formula! Top-notch!

The color itself just screams fancy!

Sleigh Me
Probably my favorite of the quad is Sleigh Me. The formula is a touch on the thicker side, but it is extremely smooth and easy to work with. It dried quick, and I only needed two coats for full coverage. I just love that it is sheer but still covers. It is eye-catching, while being subtle. Very ice-like, and blingy but beautiful! The touches of gold sparkle in it are fantastic!

Hold Me
The final and least traditionally "holiday" color is Hold Me. The formula was so thick it reminded me of gel polish. So I expected the application to be a nightmare, but it wasn't at all! You do have to work quick with this one. For as packed as it is with those holo glitters, it dries fast. It was definitely the hardest of the set to apply, but wasn't too horrid since it didn't run all over. Still it smoothed and self-leveled great and I only had to use one coat. Topcoat is a must with this one, though not the others, since it dries a touch gritty from the glitter.

This one reminds me of Zoya's Storm but more opaque and more glitter-dense! 100% gorgeous and worth the struggle! The first pictures are without topcoat, in the last two I'm wearing a single coat of Seche Vite over top.

Overall a great collection! There's not one polish with a horrific formula, and the collection is full of sophistication!
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