Monday, July 20, 2015

Mommy's Mani Monday: Neon & Pastel Negative Space Stripes

This week's Mommy's Mani Monday theme is to combine neon and pastel, so here's what I did:

For my vertical, negative space stripes, I used so many polishes! For the neons, I picked my trusty Parrot Polishes: Burst (pink), Blaze (orange), Limon (yellow), Key Lime (green), and Plum Crazy (purple). For the matching pastels, I grabbed some of the Women of Valor collection from Virtuous Polish: Miriam (pink), Ruth (peach), Magdalene (yellow), Rahab (green), plus Maybelline Ultra Violet (purple). I just striped away with a striping brush until my little heart was content!

I ended up getting bored with it and added a border of matching star studs around each nail.

As always, check out the #MommysManiMonday tag on Instagram to see everyone's neon and pastel combo manis!
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