Friday, July 24, 2015

Guest Post: Pretty Pastel Skittles from Amandalandish

I am taking a mini hiatus from blogging as I transition jobs. I will still have sporadic posts, but am going to be mainly relying on some lovely guest posters to take over for me while I'm so busy over the next few of weeks! 

My first victim is a wonderful friend and fellow Twinsie Tuesday group member Amanda!

Hello there!

I'm Amanda from Amandalandish, fellow Twinsie of the lovely and talented Amber.  Since she was in need of a few guest posts, I thought I'd throw my hat into the ring and try something new(ish) for her wonderful blog.

My idea started out interesting enough: using a glitter to create a cohesive skittle.  In the end though, I think it just kind of looked like the aftermath of a heavily inebriated, candy-eating Easter goer (if you get my drift).  Separately, I'm a fan of the colors I used and hope you are too, despite the allusion to peep vomit.

I drew my inspiration from KBShimmer Cool Hand Cuke, a soft mint crelly with pink, aqua, white, yellow, and fuchsia glitters of varying shapes and size.  I layered the crelly over Sally Hansen Pardon My Garden to even the KBShimmer out a bit (they tend to apply a bit unevenly without a matching base).  Using the glitters as my muse, I selected, from index to pinkie, Essie Blossom Dandy (an aqua/mint pastel near neon creme with near perfect formula), Color Club Feathered Hair Out to There (an actual neon pastel from the Color Club Neon Pastel Collection), and Essie The Girls are Out (a shiny, fuchsia shimmer which I really need to wear more often).

So, yeah.  The colors are great independently but make for a lackluster skittle since I was expecting this amazing color combination that would knock your socks off.  Sorry 'bout that.  
On a more positive note, a huge thank you to Amber for sharing her blog with me today!  Hope to see everyone over at my neck of the woods soon!


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Thank you thank you thank you to Amanda for posting for me, I really appreciate your help with such a beautiful skittle mani! I love seeing you stretch your mani boundaries! :) I admit, I giggled about the Peep vomit and imagined some delicious, sugary yuck that would be right up my sweet tooth alley! Lol!

Thanks for visiting with Amanda today!
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