Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Jelly Fish Nails - Acrylic Paint Bubble Technique

I wanted to try out the bubble technique, but once I got them done, they looked like jelly fish without tentacles. So I took a little side road and ended up with this mani!

What is the bubble technique, you ask? Simple! Water down some acrylic paint. Dot it onto your nail, and immediately press a cotton swab/cotton bud/Q-tip into the center of the paint dot, soaking up some of the liquid and leaving a more opaque ring around the edges. Jaunty Juli has a good video tutorial here showing you how to create this type of look if my explanation doesn't make enough sense. It is actually a surprisingly super easy technique to pull off! Even if you are nail art-challenged!

I just love how these turned out! They're too ridiculously cute! ^.^ 

My gradient colors in this mani are (starting near the cuticle) Zoya Josie, Zoya Breezi, Julep Char, and Julep Charlotte. 

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