Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sun in the Moon Nails

I really really don't even want to show you this one... >.<

I had a cute idea. Do half moon nails, but make them suns. Sounds simple, right?

Well I apparently can paint gradients and intricate palm trees but cannot manage a freakin' half circle with some lines coming off of it...

No, seriously... It's bad.

You sure you wanna see?

Well alright...

Before we get there, I'll tell you, I used Zoya Charla for the base, and thought Rica would make an awesome complimentary color. The operative word here is thought. And since you obviously see stars in the sky along with the blaring sun all the time, I threw in a couple of star glitters from Wet'n'Wild's Hollywood Walk of Fame too.

Oh but that wasn't enough! Oh no! I had to go back in and "highlight" with a billion different "fiery" colors of paint. And add some white. Ya know, for shiny bits. Because it wasn't already a shine-tastic eye sore to begin with!

Are you prepared? You ready? Have you gotten an image in your head yet of what you think it's going to look like?

Okay, I'll shut up now...

I am definitely not a fan of how this one turned out!

It's alright, but I could have done better!
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