Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Born Pretty Store Polish Remover Pens Review

So you saw the water-based polish I got from Born Pretty Store, and you've seen their awesome Gangnam Style/Psy stamping plate, but how did I clean those nails up after I stamped them to get a neat line at the cuticle?

I really wanted to love these, but as-is, they could use some improvement.
I love the idea of these, but after cleaning up two manicures, the tip was no longer usable  It was completely discolored and starting to lose it's shape. Of course that is why it is nice that they send 3 more per pen, but it also seemed to run out of juice pretty quickly.

I found that dipping the tip into acetone was the best way to make these work. I tried to refill one with acetone and it leaked and made a huge mess all over my fingers the next time I tried to use it!

The remover in this is alright. It does it's job, but acetone is always quicker and I prefer it anyway. The remover in them is really oily - to retain moisture, I assume - and while I do kind of like that about it, it is way too oily and makes a mess!

I do love the flat side to the pen tip because it does at great job at leaving a nice cuticle line and is very precise!

Were these cheaper, I would recommend them! The tip lasts longer than a pointed Q-tip, though not as long as a cleanup brush. They are more precise than Q-tips. I finished off one pen in about a week, though, using both just the pen plain and dipping it into acetone.

So would I say 5 of these pens for $5.12 USD is worth it? I haven't decided yet. I am still on the fence about these. I like them, but I wish the tips could be cleaned easier like a brush or something and lasted longer!

If you decide to try these out, let me know how they work for you! If you get them, or anything else, from BPS, use my coupon code ANL91 when you check out to get 10% off your order!

This product was provided by Born Pretty Store for my honest review.
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