Tuesday, May 7, 2013

April Empties

I'm a week late, but here goes it...

This is my first "empties" post, so bare with me.

I like seeing reviews like this for products when I am looking to buy something, so here is what I finished up in April.

It is mostly moisturizers. I don't use a ton of beauty products otherwise.

From left to right: Rio Rumberry body lotion from Bath and Body Works, Flirty Tease body lotion, Zoya's Remove+ polish remover, EOS lip balm in Strawberry Sorbet, and a cuticle balm: Sunny's Miracle balm in Reindeer Poop from 365 Days of Color.

Rio Rumberry: I picked this up on sale for $1 but it retails for $3.50 and is a 2 oz bottle. I actually bought about 5 each of these in a few different scents because I love them all so much! I absolutely love the leopard print on the bottle, and the smell is a nice, warm, slightly perfumed fruity scent that isn't too strong. I would definitely recommend this one, it moisturizes really well. I have plenty of backups! These are great to throw in my purse and have on-the-go!

Flirty Tease: I am not sure how much this lotion costs. My mom got it for me at Walmart because I liked the body spray. The lotion is a little sticky, though. In the bottle it is layered gel and lotion, so I think that is why. I am not a big fan of that. It actually took me a really long time to use this up because I wasn't fond of the stickiness. The scent is a nice, subtle, sweet smell, though. I also can't tell you the size of the container because I've already thrown it away, but it actually didn't hold very much product. It did have a nice pump type top on it that was really convenient, though. I'd give this one 2 out of 5 stars just because of the gel that was in it. I would not repurchase this one. It didn't do it's job very well. The gel kept it from absorbing so it would rub off before it was ever able to moisturize.

Remove+: Everyone gives Zoya rave reviews for this remover, but I just wasn't a big fan. It was way too sticky for me. I felt like I still needed to use regular acetone after it and wash residue off my hands. It does a decent job of removing polish, but nothing will ever be as great as acetone! The 2 oz size bottle is great for travel, but I would not pay for this. I just receive free, small bottles when I place large orders with Zoya. And of course I am going to use them and won't turn down a free nail-related product, but I much prefer acetone. They sell 8 oz bottles for $9.99 on their website though.

EOS: This balm smells absolutely delicious and does a wonderful job of moisturizing, but I don't feel it is worth it. It takes forever to absorb, and, at $3, is over priced when Chapstick does just as good of a job for half the price. I really like this balm, but I highly doubt I repurchase it unless I find it in a clearance bin.

Sunny's Miracle Balm: I highly recommend these balms to anyone and everyone. I own so many of them! They are a little oily, but do a great job of moisturizing and smell ridiculously yummy! She also has the best names for her products! This one has more of a piney smell to it, so I liked using it throughout December. It smelled very Christmas tree appropriate to me. I have Amaretto, Monkey Farts, Zombie Punch, and some others, too, and they are all amazing! I can't recall how much these cost or what size they are because she has changed her shop to only being open at certain times instead of 24/7, so I can't access that information right now, but I buy the 3 pack sample sizes and they last me forever!

So that's that. Do you have any criticism on how to improve my "empties" posts. I am not sure how often I will do them, but I will definitely have to put another together sometime!

Hope this helped you to decide one way or another on your purchase if you've been debating getting any of these products!
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