Sunday, December 18, 2011

What do you get your zombie for Christmas?

So, Meredith from Polish and Charms did a watercolor nail design, when she guest posted here. I love the technique so much and decided I wanted to try it out, but with Christmas colors...

You start out with a white base and apply a thick layer of top coat on top of that. Then place a couple of dots of your first color. I used NYC Big Apple Red.

Dip a paint brush into acetone and swirl the dots around:

Repeat with another color. For this, I chose Sinful Colors Envy.

Here's where I should have stopped, taken everything off, and let this fail be. But, no. Since it didn't look very Christmasy, I decided to add some of a lighter green, Sally Hansen Grass Slipper.

And now I have zombie brain nails! =P In one last attempt to holiday this one up at least just a tad, I decided to stamp on top with BM 211, the flower image that looked semi-poinsettia-like, with NYC French White Tip. Since the stamp wouldn't cover my whole nail, I put it as close to the cuticle as I could and just added a Fingers-inspired french tip. =D

All-in-all, I guess this isn't TOO bad. I liked it better when it was accidental zombie brains, though! =P 

That's all for today. I want to try watercolor nails again, but another time. And with different colors, of course. =D

What do you think? Brains successfully remedied into a Christmas look? Buenos días.

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