Thursday, December 15, 2011

I'm a Bee, I'm a Bee, I'm a Beetle

I first saw this polish on Polish and Charms a while back and really really wanted one of my own! However, I looked through every single Hard Candy bottle and came out empty-handed every time.

But... I found one last night! My very own bottle of Beetle!! =D

I tried to do my best to capture all of the colors that this one reflects, so sorry for some of the odd angles. I was inside and having to make due with poor lighting. =) 

Also, I have changed my watermark a little. Before it was darker and at the the top of the picture. I realize this new way makes it more difficult to see the design sometimes; however, there has been news going around about Julep stealing bloggers' pictures, taking off the watermark and not giving them any credit. You can read more about that here.

I don't own any Juleps, and I never plan to. I personally think they charge too much for their crappy products. They rip people off and they don't know how to run a business (Julep Maven in the beginning, for example). Now they want to do this bs? I don't think so. So, regardless, I'd rather be safe than sorry. =)

I really hate it, too. It's completely unfair to readers and bloggers alike! Unfortunately, this corrupt world contains only about 10% good people.

Anyway. Enjoy. This one is a beauty!

I wish I'd had sun access for better pictures! :\ Oh well, maybe next time. What do you think of this polish? It's much more gorgeous in real life than I could capture!!

Have a wonderful day and don't forget to boycott Julep! =P

No, seriously. They 're undeserving of business from any nail bloggers anymore. Ever.


Buenos días
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