Sunday, December 4, 2011

Gifts for the French

This design was semi-inspired by a Robin Moses design in which she did a sort of french tip of presents with Snoopy and such. I really liked the french of gifts and decided to try it out. You can see her video here.

I used Sally Hansen Diamonds as my base and mixed acrylics for the presents, candy cane, tree, stocking and snowman.

 I swear it was impossible to get a good shot of my right hand. There's been no sun and I failed at holding the camera still with my left hand to get a good shot without flash! =P But I got a couple (click to enlarge, if you desire):

This will probably be the last intricate design (not the last post, just the last arty, detailed design) for about 2 weeks because I have finals and another Spanish presentation. So I'll will probably be semi-MIA, as well. =( The first Furry Friday will be here on the 9th, plus I have a guest post scheduled so far, though! 

Anyway. What do you think of this design? I'd like to redo the candy cane, but it's already top-coated. Otherwise, I think that's my least favorite part of this design.

I can't wait until finals are over so I can do some more Christmasy manis! =D

Thanks for stoping by! ¡Hasta el lunes (o martes)! =)
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