Saturday, May 23, 2015

Nail Butter Review

As promised, here is my review of a product that has been popping up all around the nail community lately - Nail Butter.

What is Nail Butter? In summary, it is a 100% natural cuticle moisturizer (it can be used all over, it is not just limited to hands), made on a farm in Athens, Georgia. Their entire faq page is here.

Let's jump right into it, shall we?

I've been using this as my nighttime cuticle moisturizer for a few weeks. Although the instructions say to use it twice a day for 30 days, and once thereafter, I have found that once in the evenings is plenty for me since my nails and cuticles are already pretty healthy due to my many years of nail art and keeping them up.

Texture: This stuff is really creamy and a tiny bit goes a long way! It soaks in quickly and doesn't leave too much of a greasy feel once it has absorbed. It feels light, but you can tell is has thicker, highly moisturizing oils in it.

Scent: Currently Nail Butter is only available in a gardenia scent, but I received a tester of their new lemongrass scent. After almost a month, I still haven't decided if I like the smell or not. Honestly, I think I would have preferred gardenia, and the only floral scent I really enjoy is lilac. The lemongrass is just.... odd? It is hard to describe. At first sniff, you get a nice whiff of lemon, but then there is a funky after-smell that I just don't like. It is a bitter sort of spicy (not the good spicy) tinge that unexpectedly hits you in the face. I haven't quite gotten used to it yet, but I do plan on trying their suggestion of de-scent-itizing it a bit - leave the jar open for a few hours to let the smell dissipate some. Hopefully that'll work!

Packaging: Usually I'm not a stickler when it comes to packing, but I think it is worth mentioning how cute this jar is! It is a thick smoked glass, and it feels very high-quality and durable - it is much heavier than I'm used to for a nail treatment! I do prefer unbreakable things simply because I have a two-year-old and sometimes grabby toddler hands happen, but keeping it where she can't reach it isn't difficult. So I have no issues with the packing - I actually quite like it!

Price: Nail Butter can be purchased here, for $24 USD, shipping included. But there is a lot of product in there. You can't even tell I've used any of it, so it will last me forever!

I don't have any "before" shots of my cuticles just because, as I mentioned, they are already pretty healthy, so I didn't see a physical difference in my nails or skin, but they did feel extra smooth and wonderfully moisturized with Nail Butter!

Yea, yea. I did my nails to match the jar, I thought it'd be cute. :)

Overall, I do like Nail Butter and recommend giving it a shot despite the price tag, especially if it is as easy as leaving the jar open to get rid of some of the smell. I do think it would be beneficial if it came in a smaller, maybe trial, size with a cheaper price, because personally, I would rather spend 1/4 of as much to test it before committing to a full-size. I think it works well and lives up to the claims, I just wish it was a different scent or maybe came in a variety of scents! So really I have mixed feelings about it. A smaller quantity and a different scent (mostly the scent, the amount of product really isn't that important), and I would be giving it 10 stars!

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