Monday, May 11, 2015

Anonymous Lacquer: Rainbow Brights Collection

I have swatches of Anonymous Lacquer's Rainbow Brights collection! The collection consists of five colored polishes, all containing a different colored shimmer, and one holographic topcoat. Besides the topcoat, I needed two medium-thickness coats to make all of them opaque. They were all a little streaky on the first coat, but were very smooth and easy to apply. They all dried to a matte finish, and therefore dried very quickly.

The collection releases May 15th, 2015 here.

I Lilac You

I Lilac You is a blue-based purple with a pink shimmer-flash. You still get a nice, soft, pretty shimmer when it is matte, but....

The glow stands out much more when it is topped with a shiny topcoat!

This one looks great with the holographic topcoat Magik over it too! I Lilac You is similar enough to grey that the holographic topcoat doesn't take away from or change the base color very much. It does pretty much hide any of the pink shimmer from the base polish though.

Showers to Flowers

Showers to Flowers is a pink-toned purple (almost fuchsia).



Again, this one looks beautiful topped with the holographic topcoat. Magik has the absolute best formula! One thin coat gives a ton of sparkle. It is thin, fluid, and perfectly pigmented!

It does give Showers to Flowers more of a blue tone, but I love the combo!

Pink-nic in the Park

Pink-nic in the Park is one of my favorites from the collection! It falls into that neon pastel category, and I am a huge sucker for neon pastels!

It is a gorgeous, bright pink with a beautiful blue shimmer.

Here it is at it's natural matte finish:

With a shiny topcoat:

Pink-nic in the Park had one of the thinner formulas of the collection, but it wasn't troublesome. The holographic topcoat Magik changes the pink color the most, I think because they're so vastly different and it is such a light color, but they make a really gorgeous combo regardless!

Under the Blue Hour

Oh this color. SO pretty! It is another verging on the neon pastel border, and my heart melts for the blues. Under the Blue Hour has a pink shimmer-flash, but since it is in the blue base color, the shimmer looks a little more purple.

You know the routine by now, that was the matte version, and here it is with a shiny topcoat:

Under the Blue Hour looks fantastic with the Magik holographic topcoat over it! Since the blue is fairly close to grey in color, the topcoat doesn't change the base color very much at all.

Vernal Time

Again, Vernal Time has that neon pastel look to it that I love! It has a blue shimmer running through it that really flashes with a shiny topcoat.

The holographic topcoat gives a blue tinge to Vernal Time, but the minty green color looks great with rainbows shining off of it!


An extra bottle shot of the holographic topcoat just because it is so ridiculous gorgeous:

Mill asked me to work my magic and water marble with this collection. They dried too fast to really marble well, but I was able to force them to spread by first putting Magik in the water, then a drop of one colored polish, another drop of holographic topcoat to force that color open, a second color, and so on and so forth. They definitely aren't beginner-friendly for water marble, and I didn't have time to create a full water marbled mani using them, but I did get a shot of the marble in the cup after I got it to work.

If you want to see just how they apply, I did a quick swatch video for this entire collection, on my YouTube channel here.

Which is your favorite? It is hard for me to pick between the pink, blue, and green; topped with Magik. I'm really loving the bright colors with a holo sparkle!

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