Thursday, July 12, 2012

Super Simple Wedding Nails in Purple

For the wedding I was in this past weekend, I wanted something simple, but fast, that wasn't plain since I was doing everyone else's nails (6 others), too.

I went with Zoya Savita since mattes dry quick and it was a good match to the wedding colors. Then added a dot (instead of a rhinestone, since topcoat always ruins the look of them) with an L.A. Colors glitter that I've lost the name to because they fail and don't like to put the names on their bottles.

This is not at all color-accurate, though. In fact, I've become convinced that it is nearly impossible to photograph Savita accurately. Either it turns it blue, or makes the shimmer appear silver.

Source: via Zoya on Pinterest

Their bottle shot is pretty good, though. This is what it actually looks like. Purple with more of a pink to it, with pink/purple/gold shimmer rather than silver.

I tend to shy away from purples, mostly because of how well they don't photograph, but I really love this one! It is gorgeous with or without a shiny topcoat!
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