Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fishtail Braid

Of course I was able to do other stuff while the one nail was trying, but including base and top coats, this mani, the braid part specifically, took me 5 1/2 hours to finish! I think that is the longest I have ever spent on one!

It was totally worth it, though. I love the end result! I'm impatient and hate dry time, but I love this look so much that I want to do it in tons of different color combos!

It would have been quicker to do it freehand, but I wanted cleaner lines, so I had to wait for each color to dry before laying down and doing the next.

For this, the lighter green I used is Sally Hansen Grass Slipper, the teal is Sally Hansen Fairy Teal, the blue is Sally Hansen Thinking of Blue, and the brown is Orly Coffee Break.

Have you tried a fishtail braid? You should! They are well worth the effort! And that's coming from me, someone who hates spending a century waiting for polish to dry!! ^.^
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