Thursday, March 29, 2012

You should probably not sniff your fingers in public...

The little gem that I mentioned the other day that was calling my name... Well, I was pleasantly surprised because, not only is it a really pretty color, but it's also scented! ^.^ The beauty I speak of is Color Club's Raspberry Rush.

This gorgeous, summery pink dried really fast, was opaque in 2 thin coats, and (although I swear I am immune to the smell of polish, anyway) had a lovely scent not only after it dried but during application, too. 

The most color-accurate pictures I was able to get were with my phone, so the pics are pretty crappy, but, here, in all its glory, is Raspberry Rush:




Raspberry Rush is a really beautiful color! It's not a neon, but it's super bright! It looks sort of like a jelly, but isn't. Nor is it a creme. I'm not really sure what you'd classify it as. =P

This is with no top coat, yet it is fairly shiny unlike most scented polishes!

'Tis all for today. I am hoping to get to try out some Easter nail art soon! ^.^

Buenos días. =)
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