Friday, March 2, 2012

From the Vault - Del Sol

For this look, I had started with a base of Crayola's scented polish in orange. Then added a few coats of one of the Del Sol polishes (but now I am not sure which one it was) and some flower stickers.

At the time, my husband had one of those really bright construction lights or whatever they are set up in one of the rooms we were remodeling, so I was playing and taking pictures in front of it. Then I really liked how it made the polishes look layered together.

Inside shots, with flash:


Obviously my application and clean-up etc. have improved, but I really need to revisit my Del Sols. I forgot how much I love color-changing polish! =P Not so much the nasty orangey/pink/purple going on here, though. Come summer, I definitely need to break these back out!

Do you own any Del Sol or other color changing polish? Are they a hit or miss for you?

Buenos días. =)
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