Friday, May 12, 2017

Madam Glam Swatchfest: Spring Picks

Press Samples and Purchased Products
Madam Glam sent me a few of their gel polishes to show off, plus I ordered a bunch around the same time, so I thought a little spring swatchfest was in order!

One of the stars of the show was what I wore under these polishes though! I received their peel-off base coat to make swatching these gels easier and I just adore it! Even the UNT peel-off base coat that is so popular right now smells vaguely of school glue, and this MG base is the only one I've come across that doesn't have that smell and instead, behaves more like a regular clear coat, drying fast and shiny. I found one coat did a tiny amount of damage to my ring nail, taking a bit of nail with it when I peeled it off, but two coats worked great for me, giving me that solid peel with no damage.

My Crew
I needed three thin coats for this pretty bubblegum pink creme. I can't get over this color! It is just so bright and yummy and sweet and all those happy words!

Beyond the Sea
I was absolutely blown away by this one as soon as I put it on! It is amazing gorgeous! Two coats, and it had a thicker formula since it is filled to the brim with flakes and sparkle, but it still wasn't bad to work with. After removing the dispersion layer it had almost a matte metallic finish that made it even more stunning and bold!

Sophisticated Grey
This polish needed two coats for opacity. It was nice and thin but very opaque. My camera really washed it out, but it is a sort of khaki-toned gray. Very calming and light for a nice winter-to-spring transition look.

Lemon Delight
This one is from their Smoothie Gel Collection. Unfortunately it was very sheer and not very dense with glitter. I still had nail line showing at my tips after five coats of polish so this one definitely needs some white undies. Still there's just something about it that looks so yummy and refreshing!

Early Bird
An easy three coats for Early Bird. Its not quite mint, not quite pastel, not quite neon; but a beautiful mix of all three!

Trendy Me
This one is on the edge of being springy for me since it is a slightly darker berry shade. Still it has this bright, juicy quality to it in two coats that I love!

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