Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Glow Matrix Review

Press Sample

Back in the day I wrote this blog post about my nail care routine and featured a then-new-to-me vitamin, Neocell's Collagen Chews, which I fell in love with and continue to take two years later.

Earlier this year Neocell sent me another of their vitamins to try called Glow Matrix. Some of the claims for this one are that it helps improve skin's moisture and elasticity, and helps reduce signs of aging.

Attesting to these claims, I did notice my hands and skin felt a little more hydrated once I'd polished off the bottle. I feel like my results were clouded by the season change, though, with the weather getting warmer and more humidity in the air. I haven't needed as much cuticle oil on my nails lately to keep them flexible and my cuticles smooth either though (between winter and neglecting them for the new baby, they were starving for some moisture and were really starting to reflect my lack of upkeep), so it definitely has made an improvement in my skin.

The capsules themselves were a pretty average size, so they weren't bad to take with a drink. The price point for this product is around $26 USD (at GNC anyway, that is the only place I've seen this particular supplement - I've seen some of their other vitamins at CVS as well), so it is a little on the pricey side in my opinion, for a 30-day supply. I may have not taken it for long enough, but I saw quicker, more definite results with the biotin and collagen vitamins. Those ones are for sure worth the investment!

Of course I don't outright recommend taking this or any supplement, but for me, it did the job it was meant to do, I have no complaints about it.

Thank you to Neocell for sending me another product to try out, they never do disappoint, and thank you for putting up with my lack of a timely review!

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