Saturday, April 22, 2017

Nails Inc.: The Mindful Manicure - Collection Swatches

Press Sample

I was lucky enough recently to be contacted and asked if I wanted to try out a Nails Inc. collection. Well of course I'd love to!

Upon receiving the polishes, I was fully impressed by the presentation and packaging. Normally I could care less what my polish arrives in, as long as it arrives in one piece. These were in fancy black boxes though, with some quote cards, and a couple of I believe salt crystals to go along with the polish theme.

Very classy approach to their PR samples. To me it read "thank you for being a customer, for all your hard work, we appreciate you".

So all of these polishes are infused with crystals, which I find so intriguing! I didn't add any topcoat to the swatches, and, spoiler alert: They all performed wonderfully!

Futures Bright
I was impressed with this polish, a beautiful peachy neutral packed with golden shimmer but not to the point of being frosty! I needed two coats, which isn't so common with lighter colors like this one, plus it dried so fast. By the time I was finished with the first coat on my fifth nail, the first was already ready for its second coat! And just look at that glowy shine! I am also a big fan of the caps and their inspirational phrases. Futures Bright's motto is "wear me for happiness and heart shielding" and it is infused with citrine.

Better Together
Next up is this pretty pinky shade with either blue or silver shimmer, I can't tell which it is, I think it is silver but the tone of the polish makes it look super pale blue maybe? I'm a pro at descriptive words, obviously. Anyway, I needed three smooth coats and this one also dried in no time! Better Together is to be worn "for friendship and love" and it is infused with rose quartz.

Good Vibes
This is a gorgeous iridescent flakie topper! I used one coat over Better Together for my swatch. This was another one that dried fast, and for being a topper, I was pleasantly surprised at the level of opacity! I didn't have glitter bits sticking up everywhere either, it was very smooth, so I was thrilled about that. Good Vibes for "aurora enhancing" is infused with clear quartz.

And Breathe
I would say this one comes off as the most metallic shade of the collection, but really doesn't look overly metallic. It is a pretty light burnt red? Rusty maybe? With teeny pops of glitter sparkle all over. Well whatever color it is, I'm a fan! Another three-coater, but it dried so fast I can't be mad. This one is "for stress relief and positive energy" and is infused with tourmaline.

Balancing Act
Last is the polish I still can't make up my mind about. My emotions about Balancing Act have ranged from "nah" to "meh" to "actually, maybe...." It is a sheer shimmer topper "for balance and wisdom" infused with moonstone. I tried it over black, white, pink, and blue, to see how it'd look in different combinations. Even in person, it was nearly invisible yet enjoyable at one coat over the white. The more I look at it over the pink and blue, the more I'm liking the small extra bit of umph it gives. Over black, though, I'm not a fan of the pearly pink cast it gives. I'll have to keep testing this one before I can decide if we'll be friends or not.

That's it for me today! Which Mindful Manicure polish was your favorite? I think I'd have to pick the pink or flakie topper!

Thanks to Nails Inc. for the sending the polishes for me to try out, I got the high quality I've come to always expect from them!

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