Sunday, April 23, 2017

3D Gears Mani: Review for Enjoyours

Press Sample

For today I have something a little different. I was sent some products from Enjoyours to review, and one of them was this little set of 3D gears.

I was really excited to play with these, I thought they'd look so neat as nail art. While they are teeny tiny, they're still legit clock gears made of hard metal and I was unable to successfully bend any of them to fit the curve of my nail without causing myself physical harm. So while they are an interesting idea, I would definitely not wear these in an actual everyday mani for fear of drawing blood with all the sharp points.

I feel like these would be much better suited for an acrylic nail where they could be fully encased with acrylic, eliminating the sharp edges; something a regular topcoat could never reasonably accomplish.

They were fun anyway, and I love the steampunk feel! I used the gears and clock hands over a base of Sally Hansen Shea Dream.

Enjoyours offered me a non-affiliate discount code to share with my readers. ABA10 will get you 10% off on their website.
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