Friday, March 31, 2017

Hot-Air Balloons: Nail Stamping

Press Sample

I was contacted a while ago by and asked to try/post about a few of their products. I found some cute stamping plates on the site, and this is one I chose to review, HK-02.

My absolute favorite image from the plate was the hot-air balloons, so I wanted to create a mani with it today. Unfortunately, it was very difficult to pick up. None of my stampers, be it the clear ones, squishies, or marshmallows, would pick up the image. After a couple dozen fails with a multitude of stamping polishes, non-stamping polishes, and stampers, I broke out the OG tiny firm Konad stamper since it usually seems to be able to pick up anything if nothing else is successful. Trusty ole Konad pulled through, with the assistance of Rica Whiteout for the stamping.

At this point, hours in, I was over it and slapped on a rainbow of pastels from Wet'n'Wild:
  • Re: In Carnation (pink)
  • Sun Settle Down (orange)
  • Bee-U-Tiful (yellow)
  • Green Tease (green)
  • Sky Me Mine (blue)
  • Lavender Out Loud (purple)
creating stamping decals to place over a base Dermelect Right as Reign and Out the Door holographic topcoat. Added clouds and called it complete. 

I had high hopes for this stamping plate, especially since I've already purchased the remaining 10 in the set, but I was too frustrated to even try any of the other images on this one since it took me way too long to even obtain sub-par stamped balloons. The etching feels very shallow on all the images, especially the extra cute (a.k.a. only) images I would use from the plate, and especially in the fine lines/detailed areas. As long as the old Konad stamper will pick the images up though, I suppose it is still a usable plate, it'll just be more finicky to work with. I would say it is a $2.99 USD plate, so you get what you pay for, what can you really expect yea? But I have $1.99 Born Pretty Store plates and cheap Harunouta plates that perform flawlessly, so....

Anyway, Enjoyours offered me a non-affiliate discount code to share with my readers. ABA10 will get you 10% off on their website. If the code is used five times, they'll sponsor a giveaway over on my IG for everyone.

I do have one more review coming for them, so I'm staying positive! I plan on it being a much more successful trial!

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