Thursday, December 8, 2016

Traditional Christmas Gradient

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I haven't done any red and green manis yet this holiday season, so I decided to break out a couple of my favorites! I started simple with a traditional Christmas gradient in OPI Love is in My Cards and China Glaze Holly-Day so I could test out the liquid latex barrier Born Pretty Store sent me.

I was afraid of how the two colors would look blended in the middle, but I just love how this mani turned out!

The latex barrier worked wonders too! It felt very watery as I was applying it, so I used a pretty thick coat around each nail. After just a few minutes it went from a milky pink to transparent pink but remained sticky as latex typically does. This stuff dried much harder (not crunchy hard, still plenty soft and flexible) than the plain latex paint I normally use, which allowed it to peel off perfectly clean in a solid sheet without stretching much.

Overall, I'm definitely a fan! The bottle brush was larger than I prefer with my latex, but it exceeded my expectations in performance!

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