Monday, December 19, 2016

Christmas Skittles

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I bought some fun nail wraps while they were on sale at Born Pretty Store. I went with the Christmas skittles pattern and wanted to try them out before the season ends! I didn't expect much from them, but they actually fared pretty well! They're thicker than the higher-priced ones, but stretched enough to get most of the creases out. Of course my daughter wanted some fun, festive nails too, so I cut up the smallest decal to fit three of her nails and she chose a green base with red hearts for her other two nails.

I didn't keep the wraps on for long because they quickly started to catch on things and lift at the cuticle, but they were cute while they lasted! Despite her being four and immediately smudging her polish, the stickers did better on my daughter's nails. I'm assuming because she has itty bitty nail beds and I was able to put them on her with no bumps at all (minus the one on her middle nail I didn't trim enough - which still lasted about 24 hours).

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