Monday, June 15, 2015

Mommy's Mani Monday: One-Year Anniversary - Redo Your First MMM

First off - WOW! I can't believe it has already been an entire year since I took the plunge and decided to start Mommy's Mani Monday! 

In such a short amount of time, we've become a nice little nail group, with a wide variety of talented, wonderful moms and I love it! Some have been with me for the entire journey and put up with the bumps at the beginning, others are fairly new to MMM. But it always amazes me what these lovelies can come up with for the prompts!

Today's prompt, since we've been around for a year now, is to recreate our first ever Mommy's Mani Monday design. My first post was this leopard print inspired by my daughter's winter coat. I got off easy and just switched up the colors for my recreation! I mean really, how can you get creative with plain ole leopard print?!

This time around, I used Parrot Polish Hot Lips (pink) and Orly Rage (gold). Since Rage has a rose tone to it, they look amazing with each other! My daughter actually picked them out though! She wanted me to paint her nails, and she picked out "the parrot one" and "the widdle baby one" (the Orly is a mini), and I loved the combo, so I used it on myself too! Good job, Munchkin! 

As always, make sure you check out the #MommysManiMonday tag on Instagram to see what all the other moms did today!
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