Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Purple Holo Comparison

I didn't realize how many purple holo polishes lived at my house until I was sent another one from Gloss48, and then wondered how they all compared to each other.

These are the four I own: Glisten and Glow Newbury Street (which I reviewed yesterday), Color Club Eternal Beauty (full sun swatches here), Born Pretty Holo Polish #6, and Anonymous Lacquer Purple Rainbows (reviewed here).

They are in the same order left to right on my nails: Glisten and Glow Newbury Street on my index, Color Club Eternal Beauty on my middle nail, Born Pretty Holo Polish #6 on my ring finger, and Anonymous Lacquer Purple Rainbows on the pinky.

I did two coats of each polish, but could have gotten away with just one coat of the Color Club, and the Born Pretty polish really actually needed a third.

The Anonymous Lacquer and the Color Club (pinky and middle) are the most similar in color, but the Anonymous Lacquer is still a bit more greyed than the Color Club.

The Born Pretty polish is clearly the lightest of the bunch, it is more lavender than the others.

The Glisten and Glow (far left) is the darkest of the four, and the Color Club has the strongest holographic effect.

Glisten and Glow Newbury Street

Color Club Eternal Beauty

Born Pretty Holo Polish #6

Anonymous Lacquer Purple Rainbows

Ultimately, I think it's worth having them all. They are all different and each beautiful in their own way!

*Press Sample - Glisten & Glow and Anonymous Lacquer*
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