Saturday, July 12, 2014

KKCenterHk Review - OPI I'm Never Amberrassed

I have a couple more KKCenterHk reviews to share with you! They asked me to pick a couple of polishes from their store to show here, so I went with OPI I'm Never Amberrassed and China Glaze Man Hunt.

Today I'll be showing you two manis I did using the OPI Sheer Tint.

For starters, one of the reasons I chose an OPI is because I wanted to check it for authenticity. I've heard too many horror stories about fake OPIs floating around, and being that KKCenterHk is not based in the U.S. and is not an authorized OPI retailer, I was skeptical. 

I have to say though, after comparing this one to all my other OPIs, checking it for the tell-tale signs of a fake, and researching/talking with other nail girls who own it about the consistency of the polish, etc., I have concluded that it is NOT a fake. Assuming all the others are the same, I feel confident in saying the OPIs sold by KKCenterHk are legit.

With that being said, here is my first mani. I did a watercolor design using it, plus Sally Hansen Ice Tint, Grape Jelly, Vitamin D-light, and Sea Through, all topped with China Glaze Make a Spectacle.

I love how easy sheer polishes like this make watercolor manis! Just so pretty and rainbowy! ^.^

For my second mani with this polish, I took some inspiration from fellow Twinsie Cordia and her yellow pond mani.

After I topcoated, the yellow bled some so you can't really tell my top layer of flowers are white, but I tried. I started with the Sheer Tint, added some flowers, and did that two more times.

This particular polish is currently on sale for $6.74 USD (normally 11.50).

Their retail price is significantly higher than U.S. OPI prices, but for someone who lives in a country where brand name polishes are much more expensive, this could be a good alternative.

The Sheer Tint polishes are known for being very sticky, and this one was like applying honey to my nail, but it was manageable, and I love the Amber shade of it!
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