Sunday, August 11, 2019

Blowing Dandelions Stamped on Beige

I couldn't quite decide what I wanted to do with these two stamping polishes after they arrived, but searching through my plates I decided to pay homage to one of my girls' favorite flowers: dandelions and blowing the seeds once they turn white.

I used Born Pretty Store's stamping polishes they sent for review in frost white and black. Unfortunately I didn't realize the white was a pearl finish, and I'm not a fan of frosty polishes, but it made for some decent dandelions. I couldn't really decide how I wanted to test the black polish, so I used it for the strange face image on my thumb that is blowing the dandelion. I also used one of their newer clear squishy stampers to apply my images, the glitter stamper with a see-through bottom. My base color for this mani is P2 Breakfast with Tiffany.

The stamper worked as well as any of their squishy stampers I've ever used. It did refuse to pick up the very bold images. There was an image on my plate, Nicole Diary 097, of a girl standing holding a dandelion, that is all blank space, and after a few tries it still would only grab from the neck up of the image. Of course that doesn't necessarily mean the stamper is at fault, it could very well be the polish or a plethora of other reasons. Regardless, these polishes were both nice to work with. They're cheap, and therefore very small in quantity, but they were optimally thick and pigmented.

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