Monday, June 10, 2019

Thermal Glitter Topcoat from Born Pretty Store

Okay so I don't think I read the description for this one correctly. When it arrived, I was thinking the warm color would be opaque grey, but looking at the listing, it is meant to be a topcoat worn over other colors that turns black when it gets cold. This is another product Born Pretty Store sent me to review. Overall, I enjoyed it. I did try to build it up on the tips of my nails as an attempt at a monotone gradient, but that was before I realized what I was actually working with.

The polish does go straight glittery black when cold, although the color change doesn't last but mere seconds (hints the photos in my bathroom sink, it didn't last long enough to be able to get decent pictures in my light box). As soon as I took my hand out of the cold water, it immediately began to lighted back up; However, being sheer when it is warm, it could be fun to play with! It dries quickly too, so that is an added bonus.

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