Wednesday, November 14, 2018

The Digit-al Dozen Looks Up: Gum Globs

So my idea for today's mani in the "look up" theme for DD was intended to both be borderline nauseating, and equally an outside-of-the-box design.

I used OPI Going My Way or Norway? sponged with Barielle Vintage Gown (not that you can even tell *shrug*) as the under side of a cheap pressed wood table in a diner. And when you look up underneath said table, what do you expect to see? The evidence of our lovely, disgusting, inconsiderate human species and their inability to be respectful.

For my yummy ole blobs of bubble gum, I poured some polish puddles on a piece of foil and sporadically mixed them with a toothpick, letting them gunk up to a nearly-dry consistency, just until they lost their self-leveling properties, but would still be slightly sticky. Once they reached the level of pliability I liked, I channeled my inner YouTube slime maker and twirled the polish blobs into mini mountains on my nails.

I used a few bubblegum-esque colors to make it more recognizable and maybe a little more believable: Ruby Wing Peony, China Glaze Glow with the Flow, Revlon Pink Lingerie, and OPI Pink-ing of You.

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