Monday, September 4, 2017

Little Black Dress Nail Lacquer: House of Neptune Collection

Press Sample
Little Black Dress Nail Lacquer has a new collection out! This four-piece set, called House of Neptune, contains some gorgeous, sea-inspired sparklebombs!

I had to do sun shots of all of these to show off their true, shimmery beauty. Let's dive in!

Mermaid's Lair
You know how the sun bounces off a body of water and tiny ripples make it look like it is scattered with glitter? That's what this polish reminds me of! I needed three coats to make it fully opaque and get that nice look of depth. Finished with one coat of Seche Vite topcoat, I didn't have any glitter bits sticking up.

Neptune's Trident
Holy, omg-I-can't-stop-staring-at-this-polish, wow holo! Watching this polish move in the sun is nothing short of enchanting! It started off a little sheer but surprised me by only needing two thin coats to be opaque, and it had a superb formula!

This is my favorite of the bunch! I'm just absolutely enamored with it, it sparkles so much it's blinding!

Seafoam Sirens
This polish simply glows. It is so packed with gold shimmer it is on the verge of having a pearly finish, but it is so pretty I'll give it a pass. I must say I appreciate it being a dual-use color, with all that shimmer, making it excellent for a frosty, frozen winter mani. A nice two-coater, this one dried a little dull so I added shiny topcoat to really bring out that golden sheen.

Treasures of the Second Son
Befitting its title, this polish is like a sandy beach full of sparkling little shells and gems. My photo shows two coats of this polish and there's still a bit of visible nail line. I enjoyed it at two coats, but probably should have gone for a third. The base is clear, but it is full of micro glitter that gives a nice coverage and that beautiful look of sand on your nails.

I think a lot of the chunkier glitters adhered themselves to the side of the bottle because no matter how much I shook, swirled, or let it sit upside down, I didn't get nearly as much of that square, rainbowy goodness as I would have liked. Still, it is very pretty, and is just asking for some beachy nail art to be added!

Compliments to Courtne on another remarkable collection, and thanks for letting me swatch it for you!

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